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Warnings and risks

Investing in equity contracts may involve certain risks, such as the risk of total or partial loss of invested capital, the expected loss of monetary performance or a lack of liquidity. Therefore, we advise investors to only invest an amount that they are willing to lose and suggest that they diversify their investments to minimize and mitigate potential risks.

The main risks can be the following:

  • Risk of total or partial loss of invested capital: The investments made in the participation account contracts of Deshiria Home real Estate SL. These are not guaranteed, so there wil always be a risk of losing all or part of your invested capital.

  • Risk of not getting the expected monetary return: The return and value of the investment will depend on the success of the project in which the investment is made. Therefore, if the planned objectives of the project are not met, the investor may not achieve the expected profitability and in a negative scenario, may even lose all or part of the invested money. Investments made through participation account contracts are not guaranteed. That is, Deshiria Home Real Estates SL does not guarantee the return of investment or a minimum return. There is also no guarantee fund to ensure the return of the full investment.

Deshiria Home Real Estate SL does not have the status of an investment service company or credit institution and is not attached to any investment guarantee fund or deposit guarantee fund. Information published by our company on its website is for informational purposes only and in no way can it be considered as investor recommendations.

Procedures and means of submitting complaints by clients and proper procedures for resolving them 


Customer Service Data for Resolving Complaints by Deshiria Home Real Estate SL are the following:

  • Customer service manager: Mrs. Ioana Laura Frunza


Customer service:

  • Email:

  • Customer service telephone: +34 912 188 059

  • Address : C/ Berna 3 - 28232 Las Rozas (Madrid)


Deshiria Home Real Estate S.L. has the obligation to assist and resolve complaints and claims submitted by its customers within two months of their submission.


The maximum time limit for resolving complaints is ninety calendar days. If this is not possible, the circumstance must be reported and the causes that prevented it will be recorded.

The final report contains clear, precise and motivated conclusions on the behavior of the entity in the case invoked. This report is:

  • Informative only and not binding the parties. However, the entity should inform the supervisor of the actions taken in relation to the claims resolved by a favorable report to the claimant.

  • Not considered an actionable administrative act, so it cannot be challenged.

  • Does not collect economic assessments of possible damages and losses caused to users of financial services, as only the courts can recognize this type of claim.


During the process, interested parties may withdraw the application, which would lead to the termination of the proceedings for the complainant. They can also reach an agreement with the entities and end the case.


If the activity of Deshiria Home Real Estate SL is expected to stop, it will be reported in a visible part of the website with a 60 day notice. It will also be reported that no joint account contracts will be published on the site, nor will new users be allowed to invest. However, even if Deshiria Real Estate SL ceases its activity, the contractual relationship between the investor and our company will not be affected, but will continue in accordance with the provisions of the particular conditions signed between parties. These special conditions will remain in force for the period set out therein.


Also, your funds would not be affected in any way, because these are deposited in a certain account, different from every participatory contract.



DESHIRIA HOME REAL ESTATE SL, CIF B87318804 tax address c/ Berna, 3, 1C, 28232, Las Rozas de Madrid, Madrid represented by Ioana Laura Frunza,  NIE Y0075115B, as sole administrator, is the owner of the website accessible through URL-ul


If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding Deshiria Home Real Estate SL, please contact us through the following email address: sau sunând la (+34) 912 188 059

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