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Do you want to know the profitability you will get by investing with us?

Use our computer to find out how much your money will work with our participation account contracts.

Important: Please note that this formula gives you the future value of the investment made, which is the return obtained plus the main investment.


For every task (buying the property, renovating and selling it) the profitability targets are:

  • Minimum 10% profitability per task

  • Medium profitability according to process : 15%

  • Maximum yield : 20%


Targets of tasks carried out in a contractual year:

  • Finalizing at least 2 processes per year (every 6 months)

  • Average targets according to previous tasks: perform 3 processes per year (every 4 months)

  • Maximum targets: perform 4 tasks a year (every 3 months)

Estimating the results in a contractual year:

  • Fulfilling 2 tasks a year

    • Minimum 20% yield

    • Medium 30% yield

    • Maximum 40% yield

  • Fulfilling 3 tasks a year( medium target):

    • Minimum 30% yield

    • Medium 45% yield

    • Maximum 60% yield

  • Al realizar 4 operaciones al año:

    • Minimum 40% yield

    • Medium 60% yield

    • Maximum 80% yield

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