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Reserving the property


An email will be sent to all investors with a file containing all the information about the property we are interested in purchasing which will include: photos of the house, its description, the approximate working budget (there may be variations during the work), the purchase and sale expenses ( ITP and notary), the maximum average and minimum marketing price and the duration of the whole project (buying, renovating and selling of the property).

When buying a home at the notary


All investors will be notified of the date of signing, having the right to be present, if they so wish. As there is a maximum capacity of people who can attend, a video recording of the signing process will be sent to all investors, together with a copy of the deed. In addition, an open house event will be held for a full day so that investors can visit the property.

Changes in the initial renovation budget

Whenever there will be a change in the budget due to unforeseen issues we will send an email to all investors to notify them of any changes.

When making the infographics


During the renovation process, the property will be advertised for sale with infographics at the desired average sale price, so it will be emailed to publishing internet pages as well as to all investors..

At the end of the renovation


As soon as the task will be finished, we will clean and stage the property for photo sessions and open house events for our investors as well as for interested buyers

When publishing the renovated photographs and sale advertisements


All the web links will be sent to all investors as well.

When signing the reservation contract


 A copy of the signed contract will be sent to all investors.

When selling the property in front of the notary

All investors will be informed with said date and will have the opportunity to attend. As there is a maximum capacity allowed in the notary office, we will send the signing video and a copy of the signed documents to all investors.

At the end of every operation (buying, renovating, selling)

We will send an email to all investors containing:

  • A document containing all bills and proof of payments made to facilitate buying, renovating and selling the property (renovating costs, buying and selling costs, advertisement, etc.)

  • A profit report.

  • Proof of payment of the proportional share obtained by each investor in the transaction

  • Any bank transfers to and from the joint account so that all investors may verify the payments made and the income from every transaction.

inversiones inmobiliarias, invertir en inmuebles, madrid, rentabilidad inversion inmobiliaria
inversiones inmobiliarias, invertir en inmuebles, madrid, rentabilidad inversion inmobiliaria

If there is an unforeseen event throughout the contractual year


A face to face and online meeting will be scheduled with all investors so that decisions can be made. For those decisions, with a 70% acceptance by the participant, the voted changes will be made. Contingent examples:

  • The property must be sold at a loss and there is not sufficient funds for another investment

  • A problem is detected outside the company ( a supplier does not deliver the material on time which causes a significant delay in the completion time, the real estate market collapses due to unrelated causes, Covid restrictions that prevent us from doing business normally, or any major international or national issue that has a negative impact on the investment process).​​

  • An investment opportunity arises that does not meet the acquisition characteristics described in the collective real estate loan agreement and we consider that it might be interesting to invest money.​​

  • Any other convincing motive.

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