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Trabaja con nosotros en DH Gestión Patrimonial

The year 2018 has been fantastic, but we want 2019 to be at least two times better and to achieve these goals we have to expand our workforce. Knowing that the success of our company depends on the people who make it up, we are currently looking for the best real estate recruiters on the market.

Since they are not easy to find, if you know someone who might fit in, feel free to SHARE this information.


How do you know that you are the person we are looking for :

  • You love to socialize, meet new people, socialize, smile, have fun, and talk to people.

  • You are a person who likes to help and get involved. In order to grow we need people who are willing to work as a team and help their colleagues to achieve their goals or improve.

  • You have a talent for negotiating, you know negotiation methods and you know how to use them. 70% of your time will be dedicated to negotiation, so it should be your strong point.

  • You are very orderly, thoughtful, organized, persuasive, ambitious, proactive and decisive. All this pack is essential to work in our team.

  • You are working. We like people who give 110% to their job.

  • You have an eye for decoration and you love interior design. Within your work you will have to find improvement solutions for the properties we manage.

  • Challenges motivate you and you like to continually have new goals

  • You never give up, you are always willing to continue until you achieve success. During your workday you will hear a lot of "no's" until you hear a "yes", so we are looking for a strong and determined person who likes to work with goals.

  • You love to dress smart. Your image transmits our image and for us it is very important to have a serious and professional image

  • You know how to express yourself and communicate both in public (as a speaker), as well as in one-to-one meetings, by phone or in writing.

  • You have at least 1 year of experience in the real estate market

  • You have at least 3 years of experience in the commercial field

  • You know how to appraise or value a property and you can prove it

  • You know how to use the computer (advanced level) and new technologies: smartphone, applications, social networks, real estate portals.

  • You are an advanced user in the use of Microsoft Office: Word, Power Point, Outlook, Excel

  • You have C2 as a minimum level of Spanish.

  • Speaking English is an advantage, since we have many foreign clients with whom you will have to communicate in this language.

  • You are a person of integrity, would be, constant and responsible.

  • In your life it is a priority to develop yourself personally and professionally and for this you like to study. If you are not a person who likes to study, you cannot grow, if you do not grow, the company cannot grow either

  • You are a very creative person

  • Would you like to be part of an innovative, unique, dynamic and growing project

  • You have a driving license and your own vehicle. Candidates who do not meet these requirements will be disqualified.

  • We don't care about your age, we only care about your attitude


Tasks to perform:

  • Conduct recruitment visits

  • Carry out real estate appraisals and appraisals

  • Make management proposals for the sale of real estate

  • Negotiate strategic collaborations with different companies and businesses

  • Organize and participate in events

  • Run Streetmarketing campaigns

  • Organize specialty courses

  • Presentation of sales management proposals to potential clients

  • Contract negotiation and closing

  • Tracking potential customers

  • Pickup phone calls

  • Email management

  • Make activity reports

  • Together with the team, find new capture methods in order to close transactions in a minimum time

  • Read personal and professional growth books. It is mandatory to read specialized books every day in the office for a short period of time.

  • Attend specialty courses

  • Hand out advertising brochures


What we offer you:

  • An environment with dedicated people like you, who love to improve and develop their professional career

  • A very attractive fixed salary with Social Security registration from day one

  • Commissions on each deposit

  • Extra incentives based on performance indicators (KPI)

  • Professional stability

  • Sharing in the profits of the company

  • Pregnancy bonus. In our company, the birth of a corporate baby is a source of joy and that is why we celebrate it.

  • A well structured career plan

  • We will provide you with all the tools and services necessary to develop your work, including communication, advertising and marketing actions.

  • Participate in the best specialty courses. We invest in your growth to help you be the best

  • Business laptop

  • Business phone

  • Transportation payment (gasoline)

  • The possibility of developing a professional career within the company


If you have read this announcement, you are excited about the idea of working with us and you meet the requirements described, send us an email with your CV with photo, the link to your Facebook or Instagram page and the response to the question: Why do you want to work with us? and we will be able to contact you as soon as possible.


Important! If the email sent does not contain the answer to the previous question, the CV with photo and the Facebook or Instagram account, your application will not be considered for the job.

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